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Thread: Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

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    Default Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

    Hi everyone,

    Dominator is holding a name contest which is open immediatly!. Here is how to enter:

    1.) Names can only be submitted by e-mail. Send names to

    2.) Submissions end Wednesday, January 18th at 10PM Eastern Time.

    3.) To qualify for the prize, you must also vote for at least three names that will be on the poll that will be added to this thread. Voting will begin Wednesday, January 18th at 10PM Eastern Time and will be closed on Saturday, January 21st at midnight.

    4.) In your e-mail you must include the following:

    - Your cake name and which of the two cakes you think it should apply to.

    Cake 1 - 192 Shot Large Zipper -
    Cake 2 - 200G 25 shot fan -

    You may submit as many names as you like. You can include them on one e-mail or send separate e-mails.

    - Include your full mail address (required)
    - Include your valid e-mail address (required - winners will be notified by e-mail only)
    - Include a statement in your e-mail that you are 18 years old if you wish to be eligible for the gift certificate.

    5.) Two grand prizes will be given for the judge’s choice of best names.
    6.) Each Grand Prize is a $100 Gift Certificate to be used at participating Dominator Distributors, or a $50 check. You must be 18 years old in order to accept the gift certificate.

    See contest rules here:

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

    Sure beats a free hat or t-shirt. I'm game!

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    Default Re: Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to say thanks for those that have submitted names already. Also I have gotten some folks who were concerned that thier name might already be in use. Don't worry too much about that, just submit your ideas and we will do the checking to make sure that the names are not already in use.

    Also, if you don't want to include your mailing address, that is ok, but then you will not be able to get cool stuff in the mail!

    Keep those ideas rolling in! We will post a poll with the top ten submissions starting Wednesday, so get your names in quick.

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    Default Re: Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

    Hi everyone,

    There is just a little over one day left to submit your name suggestions to Dominator and be eligable to recieve up to $200 in prizes or $100 in Cash.

    So far, we are still a long way from the 100 minimium participants required. Therefore, I hope that we see a rush of submissions soon.

    Some of you expressed concerns about the RM format of the videos. We have tried to convert the video to WMV format and we were able to post shortended versions of the video's on our website. The links are as follows:

    192 shot 500g - Http://
    25 shot 200g - Http://

    Remember these videos show only about half of the actual cake, but they should give you a good idea of the effects.

    Thanks agin to all those that have already submitted name suggestions!

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    Default Re: Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

    Hi everyone,

    We have not met the minimum number of participants required to trigger any prize money yet, so I am keeping the submission phase of the contest open for another 24 hours.

    We will start voting this time tomorrow.


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    Default Re: Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

    Hi everyone,

    The contest is officially complete. The team at Dominator would like to thank everyone who participated in the name contest. You will be seeing these great names on cakes this season!

    The contest for the 192 shot was a run-away with John taking 60% of the votes with the powerful name "Rip The Sky". However, the 25 shot cake contest was a much closer call with Throttle Up being in the lead for most of the contest, only to be outvoted in the end and John taking another prize with the creative name "5x5".

    Thanks again for your participation!

    192 Shot Cake

    Rip the Sky 60.47% - John
    192 Proof 46.51% - Kou
    The Big Zipper 23.26% - John
    Do That Again! 20.93% - Bill T.
    Light it last & haul ass! 20.93% - Bill C.

    25 Shot Cake

    "5X5" (Five by five) 47.37% - John
    Pyroclasm 42.11% - Mark
    Throttle Up 39.47% - Bruce in SC
    Fandango 34.21% - John
    Booba Luba 18.42% - Tim

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    Default Re: Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

    For those of you that voted for 5x5 as the winning name, what type of artwork did you have in mind?

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    Default Re: Dominator Name Contest $200 in Prizes!

    I think Military... communication, radio guys, etc. The term is interchangeable with "loud and clear"... Which is where I was going ... that cake get's the message though Loud and Clear...

    Maybe make it look like a Military radio... with the 5 lights...
    Okay Fellas... Light'em up... LET"S PAINT THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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