Dinosaur Game Multiplayer, a new great game for all gamers

Dinosaur Game Multiplayer 1


The gameplay of Dinosaur Game Multiplayer is so simple. You only need to hit the jump key to help your dinosaur avoid dangerous obstacles on a desert. This can be called an endless-running and fast-paced video game. In this game, the player controls a dinosaur that runs automatically. Obstacles for players are cacti and flying ducks. The player must jump to dodge the obstacles and try to survive as long as possible.

When the game starts, the player only faces the cactus. During the game, the flying ducks will appear and the game will be harder. When these ducks appear, players have two ways to dodge them: jump or stoop...

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All questions about game super smash flash 2

How to go super saiyan in super smash flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 or also abbreviated as SSF2 is an interesting flash fighting fan game by Cleod9 Productions. Released in 2007, until nowadays, SSF2 still is a great game of millions of players around the world. Besides that, there are so many questions revolving around this game. For example: super smash flash 2 how to unlock all characters? How to use a controller on super smash flash 2? How to use a controller on super smash flash 2? or super smash flash 2 unlockables unlockable characters, etc. Because there are too many questions about this game, this article is written to answer all these ones. Following us to learn more!

Super smash flash 2

Super smash flash 2 all characters

There are total 44 characters in ssf2 in which 6 of them are super smash flash 2 unlockables ones...

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The Answer To The Awaiting Question – How Long To Beat Bioshock

We all know the infamous title Bioshock whose developers are Irrational Games, 2K Marin, 2K Australia that was published and released by 2k Games from the year 2008. The best thing is that this game can be played on several different platforms such as Microsoft Window, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game’s genres are First-Person, Action, Adventure, Compilation, Role-Playing and Shooter. But do you know that the game itself has a bundle consisting of remastered 1080p editions of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, along with their accompanying downloadable content, this bundle is called BioShock: The Collection. The collection was released on September 16, 2016 (internationally), on September 13, 2016 (North America) and on September 15 (Australia)...

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8 the best helicopter gun games

You love shooting game, you want to be a helicopter pilot and immerse yourself in lots of air attacks to take down all the enemies, do you? If your answer is “yes”, congratulation, you are in the right place! In this article, we’ll introduce to you a list of 8 best helicopter gun games. With these games, surely you can satisfy your dream. Let’s continue reading below to know which game are they!

If you love helicopters but are afraid of gun games then you can play free helicopter flash game. Play with only one helicopter flying through the obstacles

Battle of Helicopters

Battle of Helicopters

Battle of Helicopter is an interesting 3D simulation of the battle copters world war video game that is free-to-play online and supports in multiplayer mode...

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Top 08 e-Commerce trends in 2018

E-commerce in 2018 will face enormous transformations. Retail ecommerce sales worldwide will continue to post solid gains in 2017, rising 23.2% to $2.290 trillion. This year, for the first time, ecommerce sales will account for one-tenth of total retail sales worldwide.

With many new markets such as: Southeast Asia, Middle East and Latin America, they will take a long stride and together with new technologies. This could lead to a major shift in the way merchants trade via the internet.

So in which points should Small or Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) pay attention to, and what trends can help them increase their selling in 2018? Let’s take a look our list of top 08 “notable points” this year for e-Commercial.

1. Customer experience and Personalization:

The transformation of the custome...

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Top 10 best eCommerce Websites

E-Commerce website is an online sales channel that is extremely useful in the world of digital technology nowadays. Whenever customers having a desire to buy goods or services there is a need to buy goods or services, they wont have to travel a long distance but still able to get them in a quick and effective way.

Talking about the major e-commerce sites in the world, right now there are a lot of e-commerce websites are operating. So who all are the biggest ecommerce players in the world? Let’s have a look at the top 10 ecommerce websites in the world.

1. Amazon:

Amazon was started in 1995 as online store for books but very sooner, they expanded to all other trendy products like DVD, electronics and other ones...

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Top 08 greatest projects in Technologythat have changed the world

For the past few decades, we have witnessed a lot of improvement in Science and Technology, from minor to extraordinary improvements that have changed our life forever. It’s a transformation in the way we live and work, affecting entire industries and economies, and even challenging our notion of what it means to be human.

Here is the list of Top 08 of the greatest projects in Technology that have changed the world.

1. European X-ray free-electron laser:

The European X-ray free-electron laser (European XFEL) is an X-ray research laser facility commissioned during 2017.The international project involved with 12 countries, including:

  • 09shareholders: Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland.
  • 03partners: Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The pro...

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Science board game ideas

Have you ever heard about “science board game idea”? This is a new concept that promises to bring us a better world if use it well. Let’s explore together this new concept and the reason why science board game idea can make us a better world by the article below!

1. What are Board games?

The first concept that we need to know is board games. In fact, board games just are any games played on a board such as chess, checkers, …  These games are not only fun and social but also present us an opportunity to develop the critical thinking and cognitive skills because the players have to plot in each move or work out a gameplay strategy perfectly to be the winner.

Ms. JanotMendler de Suarez – Who uses board game in education.

The board games are really useful in education...

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15 New Technologies that are changing the World

As there are more than seven billion people on the planet, so far we’ve heard more and more about new discoveries, ideas, and modern technologies. While it’s great that we have so many creative minds, it has already become difficult to grasp what’s going on in the science and technology world.

Out there we have so many technologies that can totally change how we live. This includes important areas like health, food, energy, transportation, and many other areas that are needed for us to further advance and live happier lives. More importantly, they are already there and ready for use!

Want to know about new technologies that are already changing the world? Here is the list of 15 new technologies for you!

1. 4D Printers:

You may have probably heard about 3D printers...

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E-Commerce world market has entered the honeymoon period.

Nowadays more and more customers have been losing interest in shopping at traditional stores (or market) due to many reasons such as: distance, cash payment, parking fee, etc. andthat’s why e-commerce market has been taking this opportunity to step into the market and been developing rapidly.

According to a report in 2016, there are 1.61 billion people across the globe prefer online purchasing. It is expected that online retail sales worldwide will increase from $ 1.9 billion in 2016 to $ 4.060 billion by 2020.

1. From growing up rapidly:

Recent studies show that consumers around the world are changing their shopping habits by spending more time and money on online shopping. According to the Consumer Conditions Scoreboard, the online shopping rate in the European Union (EU) has doubled...

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Fireworks Records Page

Fireworks are like almost everything else have records for the biggest, longest, and the most. Here are some of the “official” records from the Guiness World Book of Records, and some of the “unofficial” records that have yet to be recognized by Guiness.

Guiness World Book of Records

+ The largest firework ever produced was Universe I Part II, exploded for the Lake Toya Festival, Hokkaido, Japan on 15 Jul 1988. The 1,543 pound shell was 54.7 inches in diameter and burst to a diameter of 3,937 feet. (Note: This was not an aerial shell but a shell that was placed on a floating platform and ignited). [Source ]

+ A self-propelled horizontal firework wheel measuring 47 feet 4 inches diameter, built by Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (FPAG), was displayed at the Pyrotechnics Guild International (...

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Pyrotechnic Chemicals

Acetone (2-Propanone) [C3H6O]
Flammable liquid used as a solvent in pyrotechnics (i.e., in mixtures that can’t contain water).  Nitrocellulose can be dissolved in it to create nitrocellulose lacquer, which can be used as an adhesive or a waterproof coating.  Acetone is hard to work with because it evaporates so quickly, thus making the composition cold and causing water to condense.

Hazards:  Extremely flammable.  Evaporates rapidly and creates heavier-than-air vapors which are also flammable.

Aluminum [Al]
Most widely used fuel in modern pyrotechnics; produces a brilliant, bright flame.  The particles come in several of different shapes, such as flakes and grains.

Hazards:  Dust can be harmful if inhaled into the lungs without a proper dust mask, and can be explosive if too much o...

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Science of FIREWORKS

Fireworks function by the rapid, highly exothermic chemical reaction (burning) of a fuel with oxygen.  The hot gases generated by this process can emit light by themselves, or transfer the energy to other compounds that emit light.  The heat also serves to further release oxygen from the solid oxidizer, so it can combine with the fuel, ignite, and continue the reaction.  All pyrotechnic compositions contain for main ingredients – a fuel, and oxidizer, color/effect producing chemicals, additives, and binders.  Each of these will be explained more in-depth below.


The word “burning” describes the oxidation of a fuel in air.  A campfire, for instance, uses oxygen from the air to turn wood (cellulose) into steam (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), among other things...

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Pyro Universe FAQ

 What are the firework laws in my state?

State fireworks laws usually fall into one of four general categories.  Futhermore, individual states may not allow certain devices for whatever reason.

 What are the firework laws in my town?

Folks, there are tens of thousands of towns in the United States alone.  I know the specific laws for only one – mine.  If you want to find out, contact either your city clerk or fire marshal and ask them for information.  In most cases, towns have a printed information packet stating all local fireworks ordinances, including what can be bought/sold and when.

 Will you send me fireworks or free fireworks samples?

No.  Pyro Universe is not a firework manufacturing, display, or distributing company...

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Pyrotechnic Glossary

1.1G (UN0333) – DOT classification for explosives that pose a mass detonation hazard

1.2G (UN0334) – DOT classification for explosives that pose a projectile hazard

1.3G (UN0335) – DOT classification for explosives that pose a flaming projectile hazard (display fireworks)

1.4G (UN0336) – DOT classification for explosives that pose a limited hazard (consumer fireworks)

1.4S (UN0337) – DOT classification for explosives that pose only a limited or small hazard, such as fuse.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) – plastic pipe used in plumbing.  ABS should NEVER be used for mortars since it can shatter into razor-sharp pieces

Aerial Bomb – old term for an aerial shell

Aerial Firework – a device that functions in the air, such as a shell, roman candle, rocket, or repeater

Aerial sh...

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History of Fireworks & Gunpowder

The First Firecrackers

The history of fireworks goes back thousands of years to China during the Han dynasty (~200 B.C.), even long before gunpowder was invented.  It is believed that the first “firecrackers” were likely chunks of green bamboo, which someone may have thrown onto a fire when dry fuel ran short.  The rods sizzled and blackened, and after a while, unexpectedly exploded.  Bamboo grows so fast that pockets of air and sap get trapped inside of the plant’s segments.  When heated, the air inside of the hollow reeds expands, and eventually bursts through the side with a long bam!

The strange sound, which had never been heard before, frightened people and animals terribly...

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