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Thread: Big bust in Stow, OH

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    Nice Find, Thanks. Pretty interesting !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Georgie-Tiger View Post
    read the documents
    the search warrant wasnt issued until a day later. the cause of the search warrant was the 1.4 - which the defending laywer states is legal as long as they transport them out of the state 48 hours. this is going to be illegal search.
    the 48 hours only applies to purchases made within the state of ohio with a licensed retailer/wholesaler (someone who has one of the 52 licenses here in the state). if he purchased these fireworks from a wholesaler outside of ohio (which from the looks of things he did) then the 48 hour "rule" does not apply.

    in addition to that it's illegal to have 1.4 fireworks shipped to you in the state of ohio unless you have a importing license/permit and/or a 54 approved storage mag for which you are an employee possor of an individual with a valid ohio importers permit.

    also if a cop sees you doing something then they don't need a search warrant. ya walking up to one of the vehicles parked outside and seeing it stuffed to the roof with the overflow 1.4 product that wouldn't fit in the house.

    lets not forget to that if a fire offical says those magic words "a danger to the public" they can justify just about anything.

    also, as someone else mentioned this guy has been busted before for selling fireworks... that right there combined with a nosey neighbors tip off call to the police was all they needed to search his house.

    not that i agree with the law in this case, i'm just telling you what my understanding of the law is.

    i hope the guy doesn't get the book thrown at him, but unfortunatley i think the illegal search and the 48 hour defense are both worthless in this case.
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