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    We had a small shoot for Memorial Day.
    Fireworks Fiesta- good color, lots of noise, cheap
    Pro Ground Display fountains- excellent
    Pro Series shells- very nice. great breaks, great color.
    Uncontrollable- very fast,around 17 seconds. Great glitter willow-type breaks that hung for quite awhile.
    Machine Gun Shell- loud, good breaks.
    Dawn Patrol- good color, nice breaks. Had a couple of small breaks, but still very nice.

    Splintering Cell- all crackle breaks.
    Aerial Double-Decker- Gold crackle mine to gold brocade break. Weak.
    Dragon Egg & Fire God- This cake had large chunks of burning debris falling all over the shoot site. Every break was low, about 50 feet. No dragon eggs were seen, & I guess the Fire God was the near bush fire that had to be stomped out. Badly disappointed in this one.

    One thing to note about shells...
    We shot a mix of Pro Series, B.A.R.'s, Mamba's, Liberty, & SNM's. My opinion...SNM's were dead last. Yes, they have a great thump leaving the tube. Breaks were scattered, shells were breaking low, & overall I was unimpressed with them in comparison to the ball shells, & imo, the Mamba's were much better in color, symmetry, & height. The effects selection in the Pro Series & B.A.R.'s is excellent.

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    I tested several Shogun 500g cakes. Almost all were Washouts.
    Guns n' Roses,Cosmic Rain,Hard act to follow,No guts No Glory were small breaks and little star comp. Cats in the cupboard is a rewrap of Black cats Megatron #3 i think. However,Cats in the cupboards breaks were smaller and weaker. Freakshow was ok. 200g Storm Cadence (shogun) was a cool little mines cake. A standout.
    I do have several other 500g Shogun cakes that i hear are indeed good. But, i'm saving them for the 4th. Cosmic Tsunami,Power of the ring,Flash flood,Conquer and command.
    Finale, Black cats "Torsion box" was good. But kindof short for 44 shots.

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    sorry to hear about the BAD performance on Dragon Eggs + Firegod. I have used this cake several times, and it IS one of Pyrokings best. Did yours ever get damp, wet, knocked around or anything else? I have a feeling you JUST had a bad one, or something happened to it before you shot it off.

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    Here's a vid of the Dragon Eggs & Fire God. The last few shots, you can see very large embers falling to the ground. Very little crackle, & if there was an actual break, I missed it.

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    Default Re: Test shoot reviews

    I guess the Fire God was the near bush fire that had to be stomped out.

    The fire God was trying to speak to you and you stomped him out
    Never fear....the 4th is less than a year..

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