Consumer Fireworks




Consumer fireworks are fireworks devices that can be sold to the general public in the United States.  They were formerly known was "Class C Fireworks" but are now classified as "1.4G Fireworks".  

Consumer fireworks include fountains, repeating aerial devices, rockets, shells and mines, novelties, sparklers, spinners, helicopters, and revolving wheels.

If you're new to consumer fireworks, want to learn some tips about using them, or just want to learn more about how they work, then the pages below will help you.

Types of Consumer Fireworks - general description of each type of device, what it does, and the typical price

How to use - learn how to safely use each type of firework, including where to find the fuse and how to brace each item

How Consumer Fireworks Work - learn what makes these fireworks function.  Includes lots of detailed cross-section illustrations!





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