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Welcome to Pyrouniverse!

Pyrouniverse is the place that gives you the latest news as well as useful knowledge about fireworks, science technology and social life, and updates daily in an accurate, fast and attractive way.
We provide basic information about fireworks, including the history of fireworks, some frequently asked questions, lists of books and videos, collections of photos, and the biggest online fireworks glossary! You can learn about the science behind the chemical reactions that occur in fireworks. Learn how fireworks are created and what is used to make them, how colors are created and how your favorite fireworks effects – such as whistles, hummers and lights – work. Here is a glossary where you can read about all the different chemicals used in fireworks.

The purpose of Pyrouniverse is to provide educational information about fireworks and to promote the safe use of fireworks. Fireworks are hazardous devices that must be handled with care and used in a normal manner to avoid injury. Pyro Universe does not support the use of fireworks for illegal, unsafe, destructive purposes. By reading this, you acknowledge that the author is not responsible for personal injury, damages, or legal issues caused by fireworks or the application of any materials presented at this site. No warranty is expressed or implied regarding any information on this site. There is no guarantee that any fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices will function exactly as described on this site. Note that ownership and use of fireworks is governed by federal, state and local law. Along with that, we promise to bring you the information, knowledge about science and technology, e-commerce in the fastest, most useful, most attractive way to help you have a better life!