Fiberglass Mortars


These fiberglass mortars are built to be used for launching shells. They are lighter in weight than HDPE (due to a thinner wall size), but are very strong and durable.  Though these type of mortars have been common in Asia for quite a while, they are just beginning to gain popularity in the United States.  They are made by a Chinese company that specializes in the manufacture of all different sizes of fiberglass tubes.


The tubes have an inside diameter of 1.89", and can hold any 1.4g shell or mine - including ball, canister, and multi-break.   They have a built-in plug.  All tubes are guaranteed to withstand the launch of at least twelve shells.

Length: 15", plugged
4.8 cm (1.89 in)
5.2 cm (2.05 in)
Wall Thickness:
2 mm

Price: $1.50 each

Please be aware that these tubes can only be purchased in full cases of 40.

To get an approximate idea of how much shipping will cost, first use this chart (a pdf document) to determine your shipping zone based on the first 3 digits of your zip code.  Find the total cost of shipping each 28-pound case to your shipping zone using this chart, then multiply that amount by the number of cases ($60/case) you wish to purchase.

To order, please take a minute to fill out the form below.  I will email you back with a price based on the quantity of cases and your shipping zone.  By submitting the below quote request and/or purchasing these tubes, you agree to Terms and Conditions of Sale, and acknowledge that you have read the notice at the bottom of this page and will not use any defective tubes that may be included in your order.

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I've had a lot of questions about how strong and safe these tubes are, since not many American pyros are familiar with them.  Though fiberglass mortars aren't as ubiquitous in the US as HDPE, they have nonetheless been tested and approved by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) and AFSL (American Firework Standards Laboratory) for use in firework displays.  We are even beginning to see consumer shell kits that come with fiberglass mortars.

I know that from the pictures, the tubes may look brittle and weak (especially with the thin wall size) - but I can assure you that they are not.

I conducted a series of tests with these tubes to see how they could stand up to various forms of stress.  Obviously, they had no problems launching shells of all sizes – ball, canister, and multi-break.  However, I wanted to see how well they could withstand a shell explosion, so I inserted a large quad-break shell backwards, lit in, and stood back to watch.  The loud explosion threw stars and paper debris high into the air, but when I approached the tube, I found that nothing had happened.  I quickly conducted the same test with a ball shell and a canister shell (a Rambo Kid), with the same results – the tube, although hot, had not even warped in the slightest.  I then put in the shell the right way, lit it, and watched it perform perfectly, as if nothing had ever even happened to the tube.  After the shell tests, I took the mortar and threw it against the pavement about half a dozen times, only to have it bounce off unharmed – the resin plug didn’t even crack (only after beating the heck out of the plug for about a minute with a hammer did I finally get some pieces to flake off)  These tubes are both strong and very durable, I am completely confident that they will work great for launching your shells.


All tubes are individually inspected for structural integrity.  If by any chance your order contains a tube(s) with a loose plug, simply email me to be reimbursed.

Some customer testimonials:

“The tubes rocked. I loved watching the lift charge light up the tubes. 2 thumbs up!” 

“The fiberglass worked beautifully; very strong and light weight, which is a huge advantage over HDPE when making multiple-tube racks. I will be buying lots more.”

“Those fiberglass tubes rock!” "I give them a big 2 thumbs up. They all worked great, even after multiple reloads in a short period of time. The thing that gave me a big grin was watching the lit fuse go down the tube, and the tube turn red as the lift charge sent the shell flying.”  

“The fiberglass mortars ROCKED...Not only did I fire 300 shells out of the 20 tubes, but I had two shells explode in the tubes over the course of the night and it did nothing more than shoot stars out of the tops of the tubes. I inspected all the tubes after the shoot and after a quick cleaning, other than being discolored a little, you can barely tell they were used!”



These tubes are only meant to be used by UN0336 (1.4G) consumer firework shells that have been inserted in the correct manner (lift charge down).  Igniting a shell upside down can possibly result in the distortion/destruction of the tube and the ejection of the plug.  These tubes also will not hold up to the burst charge explosion of any UN0335 (1.3G) display shell inserted upside-down, such as salutes.




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