Science board game ideas

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Have you ever heard about “science board game idea”? This is a new concept that promises to bring us a better world if use it well. Let’s explore together this new concept and the reason why science board game idea can make us a better world by the article below!

1. What are Board games?

The first concept that we need to know is board games. In fact, board games just are any games played on a board such as chess, checkers, …  These games are not only fun and social but also present us an opportunity to develop the critical thinking and cognitive skills because the players have to plot in each move or work out a gameplay strategy perfectly to be the winner.

Ms. JanotMendler de Suarez – Who uses board game in education.

The board games are really useful in education. I even know that there is a person using board game to teach complex ideas to a wide variety of audiences. That is Ms. JanotMendler de Suarez, a visiting researcher at Boston University. She always uses board game to teach people about important issues facing their lives and it is really easy to understand.

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2. What are Science board game ideas?

As you know board games are really interesting and educational when continuously, the players have to think about the game strategy and the next move carefully. So, what happens if we take these core elements to teach science? Excellent, isn’t it? And, it is the reason why the phrase science board game ideas were born.

In fact, for many years, the Scientists, science educators and board game hobbyists have been doing this. And now, there are a lot of science board game ideas announced which aimed at entertaining and educating for all the ages. These game ideas are about many other areas in our life. For example, the science board game idea about infectious diseases, scientific process, paleontologist, animals, … that you can find out much knowledge about the world around you just through these games.

3. Science board game idea for the better world.

As we both know, an interesting approach always makes us feel more excited, easy to remember and also easy to understand. The science board game ideas are the interesting approaches that I’ve just told you. Imagine, what happens if our children can explore the world by an interesting approach? Oh brilliant! I am sure that they will learn quickly and have a logic thinking about every problem in the life.

Moreover, a recent research shows us that the science board game ideas are very useful supplemental tools to improve knowledge retention. In a recent paper which published in FEMS Microbiology Letters – a scientific journal, they had a research compare a science board game with lecture-based seminars as methods of improving short and long-term knowledge retention in a class of medical pharmacology students learning about antimicrobial drugs. The research found that long-term knowledge retention of people who participated in board game seminar was higher than others who attended the lecture-based seminar.

I have just told you about the science board game ideas and how are these ideas useful. Hope that this article brings you the useful and interesting knowledge. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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