It’s Minecraft, but better with these five amazing mods!

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Minecraft is a great achievement of the modern game world, a great success of the sandbox gaming field. Developed by the Swedish game developer Markus Pesson, this video game centers on building and exploring. You may have played many versions of Minecraft, but don’t you know that this 2.5 billion US dollar video game will be so much more interesting if you can play the game with these incredible mods.

Mods are gaming expansions that are either created by the game developer or the fans of the game. Depend on the function, each mod will make the game runs it looks eventually different from what it actually looks like. To use one mod, you simply just download it from the Internet, install and enjoy! In this article, we will suggest five amazing Minecraft mods that will make you love Minecraft even more. Check it out!

1. Archaeology and Fossil revival mod

Block World

Minecraft, however, misses the concept of a great history of the Earth. This mode “Archaeology and Fossil revival” will bring back the dinosaurs from the beginning of the world. You will be amazed at how cool the dinosaurs such as T-rex looks in the world of Minecraft. Who would not love to get on a dinosaurs hunt?

2. The Cities That Lost

What do you think about digging into the history of a very long time ago in Minecraft? Well, with this beloved mod “The Lost City” will spawn you into a city that was forgotten by time. In addition to that, this mod interlinks with Biomes O Plenty mod, which means you can have various gorgeous areas to exploit. Grab it now!

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3. Massive Structures

To be honest, building houses take you more than an hour, and that’s why this mod “Instant Massive Structures” is right here to help you. Just in a matter of seconds, you can have an enormous city. Don’t think this mod is a kind of cheating since when you think about using a mod, you have already been a cheater. Who cares? Let’s rock!

4. Lively Map


Instead of spending time using up your sights to deal with the low-graphic Map, we now have the Lively Map with a lot more beautiful elements. This Lively Map mod makes the map you see in Minecraft looks exactly like a real-time map and it also enables you to view the map online using a web browser. This Lively Map mod is also a must-have mod if you plan to travel far from your home base in the game.

5. Millénaire

Last but not least, let’s talk about the mod that fills the empty property of the original Minecraft with people – Millénaire. As you install this mod to your game, the Millénaire will replace the villagers with men, women, and children. The game now looks even more lively and you sure will love to have your character interacting with these new human-beings in the game.

Above are five mods that we think will rock the game world of Minecraft. If you have any other mod in mind, just leave a comment and you may see your recommended mod in our next article!



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