Dinosaur Game Multiplayer, a new great game for all gamers

Dinosaur Game Multiplayer 1
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The gameplay of Dinosaur Game Multiplayer is so simple. You only need to hit the jump key to help your dinosaur avoid dangerous obstacles on a desert. This can be called an endless-running and fast-paced video game. In this game, the player controls a dinosaur that runs automatically. Obstacles for players are cacti and flying ducks. The player must jump to dodge the obstacles and try to survive as long as possible.

When the game starts, the player only faces the cactus. During the game, the flying ducks will appear and the game will be harder. When these ducks appear, players have two ways to dodge them: jump or stoop. In order to achieve a high score, the player needs to accurately timing his jump, while paying attention to the distance between the dinosaur and incoming obstacles. And when the player has a high score, the pressure will be bigger but this is the interesting point of this game.

Dinosaur Game Multiplayer 1

The feeling while playing the game

It was a surprising and funny feeling when I first trial Dinosaur Game Multiplayer. It is a new game created by Rapperkey and is featured with a special, unique and cuties multiplayer gameplay. The frist time when you see that dinosaur, you will feel surprise right away. It is so cute anyway. After that, the very simple instruction will make you surprise again. Only one action by clicking the jump key to process during the game. Have you ever tried any amazing game like this? If not, then you must give this game a try.

One special thing that I must mention about is the multiplayer mode, it allows us to complete with our friend, show off your abilities and the leaderboard will demonstrate our skill. You will totally feel satisfied with this experience. Therefore, you should invite your friend to take part in this game with you. It will never let your guys feel bored. By the way, if you have the children, this game will absolutely fit your family. Let’s gather around and enjoy it. Dinosaur Game Multiplayer will bring happiness and fabulous moments for the whole family.

Dinosaur Game Multiplayer 2


The black and white graphics turn out to be a very cuties graphics ever.

The UI design is very simple but also very attractive.

The instruction is simple but clear enough.


In fact, I love this game so much and I believe that I will keep playing this game again. Of course, I will surely add it into my favorite game list so that I can enjoy it every day, in fact, whenever I have free time. I think that no one can deny such a wonderful game like it!

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