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Thread: Power lines and shoot site

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    Default Power lines and shoot site

    My shoot site is about 50 feet from power lines with a 20 foot drop behind that then open field behind them so all my tubes and cakes will be angled towards the field. I am also using a 12 que wireless system to fire the finale. I will be setting up behind the power lines.
    My questions are

    #1 Any chance something could hit the power lines (even if the cakes and shells were not angled)?

    #2 Any chance there could be interferance (sp) from the power lines that could set of the e-fire unit before I am ready?


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    Yes... I hit power lines all the time. The just bounce off and deflect. Edit: Not that i do it on purpose I might add. It happens if you shoot near poles. In a suburban area, you will have some poles around unless you have underground utils.
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    Default Re: Power lines and shoot site

    Assuming your transmitter and receiver use 315mhz-433mhz, the answer is no. Power lines are 50-60 hertz. They are not in even close to the same frequency, so they can't interfere with each other.

    Here is an thread about issues in regards to wireless systems.

    Here are posts about frequency and interference.

    This is a post explaining encoding and how it prevents something else from firing your wireless system.
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