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    Does any one knows how to control an lcd display?

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    i would think you would have to add a microchip/ prosseor

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    yes of cuorse. Iam using an atmel processor, but I don't know how....I need help!!!!

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    It really depends on what Atmel processor and what LCD? Without that info, best I can say is to Google
    atmel control lcd
    and follow some of the links. I'm sure someone will have posted what you need...

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    What language are you programming in? I have never used Atmel, but always PICs, but alot of microcontroller programming languages have built in commands for LCDs...Also, is this a parallel LCD or does it have a serial backpack? If it has a serial backpack, its going to be as easy as sending a serial signal to any output pin, look at your compiler's manual and see if it has any help...
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    Default Re: LCD display is a nice site for normal pics i dont have workt whith atmel sorry

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    If you've done any work with Atmel's microcontroller, you should already know about It is arguably the best place to go for Atmel AVR information. It can take a while to find the information you want, but I know there are multiple forum threads discussing how to interface AVRs to the small integrated LCD displays. Looking through my notes, I also found some information at a related site,, that was intended to give AVR newbies a place to start. The information on avrbeginners is dated (2004), but it will provide some general insight on how to proceed with LCD interfacing.

    I struggled with your question a few years ago. I ended up with a distributed firing system consisting of a control panel with LCD and keypad, six remote relay units with 14 firing circuits each (for the center display) and six remote relay units with 5 firing circuits each (for the fanned out part of the display). Each box has an AVR microcontroller, for a total of 13. The control panel uses an ATMEGA32 AVR. Control of the LCD (mine is a 16-column x 4-row type) is through an 8-bit parallel port and 3 discrete lines.

    Yes, mine is a pretty complex system but I built it as a technical challenge, not for simplicity. I can also use the same system to control my Halloween display!

    Going into more implementation detail is probably beyond the scope of this forum. The software routines I used for display came from avrfreaks, and others were helpful to me when I couldn't get something to work. With time, you can find solutions for just about everything AVR based there.
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