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    How much composition are Shells allowed to contain? -

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    for consumer 1.4, I believe that it is 60g for Canister shells and for some reason i think 40g for Ball... I am not 100% on this but i am pretty confident those are the correct numbers...
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    You are almost right on the money. The limit is 60g for all shells.

    APA 87-1 is the standard that defines the manufacture of consumer fireworks and Section states that each tube can not contain more than 60g of total comp (including lift, burst, and effect comp). If reports are one of the components, they can not contain more than 130mg of comp per report. The max lift charge in any one tube is 20g. The max burst charge is 25% of the total weight of the effect chemicals. (this can cause problems for ring shells because there are fewer stars in the shell and thus the shell must have less burst. So in my opinion this is a poor way to limit burst as it encourages more energetic peonies and discourages less energetic pattern shells). These numbers are all the same for cylinder or ball shells. Finally, pre-loaded shells (i.e. single shot tubes, cakes) can be any diameter as long as they don’t exceed 60g. Reloadable shells can also go up to 60g but they are limited to 1.75 in. diameter.

    Excalibur relodable shells have gained popularity partly because they are good performers. One reason for this is because they are loaded with the maximum 60g of composition. A 1.75 in. ball shell, on the other hand, is just not large enough to put 60g of comp into it.

    Dominator Fireworks has been working on its own version of a reloadable 60g cylinder shell. We should have some videos shortly. I can promise you that it will continue in the “Mega-Burst” tradition of Dominator’s huge #500 shells, and our new 3 inch nine shot display cakes. Great performers, but all are made in line with the regulations. It can be done... just takes a little more care and pyrotechnic know-how.

    If you have not seen the video of our new 3 in cakes check them out here:

    The 3" Display Cakes are available for purcahse at Angel Inc., 573-927-5201.



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