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    Default Will this work?

    This year I have some racks I will be using, one is a 72 shot fan rack. I would like to have one row slow one fast and on. My question is will it work going fron fast pink fuse to slow green and back several times and is this the best way to do this? Any help would be great thanks.

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    72 shot!

    Hope one of your pyro accessories is one of these:

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    or a bunch of these:

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    Many folks will argue that fuse junctions are something to be avoided at all costs. I've personally never had a problem going from slow to fast or fast to slow. The key things that have worked for me is to have at least 1" overlap, cut the end on an angle of the fuse that's to receive fire to increase the surface area of exposed powder, that exposed surface must face into the direction of fire, IOW, if fire is going fron left to right, the cut end should be facing left, and to completely cover the junction in electrical tape or aluminum foil tape to form a little hotbox.

    Something to keep in mind, though, is that fuse junctions will always have inconsistent timing. One may go *POOF!* instantly while another will take a half second or so. But since you are trying to change up the cadence anyway, a little randomness in timing prolly won't bother you.
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    If the slow is the water proof lacqured type, I wouldn't trust it. That stuff is pretty tough to ignite. If it is the other non lacqured type, it would probably work.
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    What he said.

    And don't forget your athletic supporter to prevent your berries from rolling down your pant legs...

    I don't know how your rack is laid out, but you could avoid the random splices by running a piece of med or slow visco along the end of the rows, and using the pink stuff to fuse up each row. You could also stagger the spacing between shells, or groups of shells (leave some extra fuse here and there between groups to add a delay).

    Daisy chaining groups of shells together is also an option, as long as their fuses are long enough.

    It's always best to stick to the KISS principal when fusing racks. It saves time, effort, and lowers the chances of the fusing stopping in the middle or leaving stragglers to be pulled or hand lit after the show.

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    Your best bet is to run a main trunk line of slower visco. Branch off different speeds for each row off that. Use whatever speed you want for each row, and space the branches according to when you want them to shoot.

    Switching from one speed to another is simpler, but if there is a problem and you don't pass fire, everything after that point fails to light. Using the trunk/branch method, you might lose a row of shells, but the main can still light the later rows.
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    May have already been said, but TEST the junctions. Test every different combination that you will use to see if they will pass fire to each, then cover the rows with foil to prevent passfire.
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