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Thread: Best novelty / small item of 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by peeplwtchr View Post
    Thanks! They are actually even cooler if you throw them high in the air. Alamo has these too, and they were cheaper than the BC version, but the qty. on Alamo wholesale form is incorrect, I do not remember how they are packaged.
    Damn, too bad I'm not close to Alamo, the Black Cat version is expensive for a case. I usually get them from local stands around the 4th. I try and stand them up when I light them, they get some decent height. I actually used a bunch on a small fountain board I made last 4th. They would go off at random intervals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortFuse View Post
    Chicken Blowing up Balloon.

    It screams like one Saturn missile and blows a balloon up out of it's butt.

    What is cooler than that?
    Legend called it "Drolling Chicken" and it gets my vote, too. It's so absurdly stupid, it's cool.
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    Kryptonite is my favorite firework.



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