We've had a lot of requests, so our newest generation fireworks stand are now being sold...


Turn-key 40'-wide Texas-legal fireworks stand that is light years beyond conventional fireworks stands/shacks. Features & Benefits:

* 40' wide with 3 by 12' roll doors
* Extra deep, angled shelving allow you to stock over twice the inventory of a conventional fireworks stand.
* All-steel construction with wood shelves and top-signs designed to last forever.
* 32' wide "top signs" make the stand appear even larger
* 15-18' top pole with light stringer and flasher box makes your location stand out at night from the competition (not pictured)
* American-lock secure padlock connectors on doors makes this the most secure fireworks stand on the market.
* Continuous fluorescent lighting strip down the entire stand makes your product extremely visible.

* Can be painted any base color to fit your needs.
* Lead time for delivery is 8 weeks.
* 25% deposit upon order.
* Wholesale discounts do not apply.

Thanks, MG