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    Hey guys,
    So this year our annual 4th of July Fireworks display will be set to the music of Pink Floyd. Just looking for any kind of feed back, info, or ideas anyone may have. Every year around this time I put a "Trailer" on youtube to get my friends and family excited about the show. Here is a couple links if you want to check out a kind of preview to what I have in mind. Thanks guys, Be safe and happy lighting.

    2011 Pyromusical -

    2010 Pyromusical -

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    The video trailer was cute. The obvious safety violations were not so much.

    Shooters wearing shorts
    Shooters not wearing safety glasses
    Shooters leaning directly over fireworks and lighting them

    Have fun but please be safe.

    Oh...and welcome to the machine. &
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    Unfortunately the only stock footage I had of shooters is from 3-4 years ago. Now we E-fire almost 80% of the show, full safety gear, and have a full time firefighter in our group. I appreciate the feedback.

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