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    I am definately a fireworks fanatic. but I dont consider myself as a fireworks collector. I am always searching for different or harder to get items but I will light any thing I have if its the right time. I was looking at some firecracker packs someone is selling on ebay and people are bidding 200, 300 even 400 hundred dollars or more for one pack. in my mind that is the silliest thing I have ever seen. just think of how much stuff you could buy wholesale for 400 bucks.

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    I agree...if I saw a really unique item at a firework stand, I might consider buying a second one to save as a collectible - but I would never shell out hundreds of bucks for a pack of firecrackers, no matter how old.
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    I'm not sure that firecrackers are supposed to be on sale on eBay anyways.

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    I am a semi-collector of fireworks. I would never pay that price for an old pack of firecrackers, or any firework for that matter. I do, however, collect fireworks that we all know may not be around in the future. For instance, if tomorrow cpsc bans 48 shot color pearl because this year it had nasty reports i would buy a case and hang on to a couple of them for nostalgia... Sort of like a disease i have and there is no cure

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    But see guys that is kind of like the same thing. You hang on this these fireworks/crackers and later on they are valued by collectors who let them off when younger. They become scarce so their value is up. Also they claim the artwork on the older packs is much better than nowadays so hey to each his own. I have a few but no one pack worth over $200 tho. Some have actually sold for a few thousands!! Sometimes they might think there is a drought of something price goes up, then BAM a whole bunch are found elsewhere and price drops dramatically. I think that happened with the Navy Hitts a bunch were found now they can be purchased for $13 average a pack 16's. Ha Ha...
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