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    This is one of the most attractive SMB's I've seen. What is it?

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    That has to be multiple SMBs. If an 750 shot is this big then, a 50,000 one probably would have to be transported with a semi-truck! If this is really just one product....that's crazy, and I will be determined to buy it!
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    ive seen that video here before. it was either a demo or a club shoot. someone just stole the video and renamed it is all... definitely not one 1 piece.

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    would be better with quickfused rows. thats way to many wee wee wee wee wee s

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    It was from the 2008 Bigs demo. They're the american flag saturn battery missiles... I cant remember the brand/type, but they no longer carry it anyways. They had around 80 of them setup.

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