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Thread: need to make nitrocellulose for e-match

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    Default need to make nitrocellulose for e-match

    I have looked everywhere and cannot find a way to extract acetone out of nail polish remover. I want to make nitrocellulose lacquer to coat my e-matches. I would like to extract it because nail polish remover is avalible to me (2 sisters) and I can't go to the hardware store and pick up some potentially dangerous chemicals without my parents becomeing suspicious.
    Finally, is it possible to use nail polish remover as is with all the impurities because it is mostly acetone.

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    Default Re: need to make nitrocellulose for e-match

    So your parents wouldn't mind you buying/using nail polish remover, but you couldn't just buy a can of it from the hardware store? Perhaps explain to them what you're them the diagrams of the igniters, explain how they work, and how they're safer to use with fireworks (as opposed to matches/punks). I'm curious, old are you?
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    Default Re: need to make nitrocellulose for e-match

    Might I suggest you try using these methods?

    These do not require acetone or b.p. Most just require fuse and wire. The simplest version only requires wire and will work well for model rockets.
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