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    Well guys I have had time to catch up on all my sleep so I figured it was time for me to post on my trip to china. We seen TONS of new stuff being made for this up coming season, Just to touch on a few highlights we seen. Black Cat has some real nice 500 Gram cakes coming out in 06, Two of my favorite where Sizzling Serpent & Luminocity. Luminocity didnt look to well on their cd but in person it was one bada*s cake! The cake had lots of laterns and fish! Now they also had some real cool 200 gram cakes and fountains (joe) Quick Fire, Rapid Fire And Sure Fire where all great cakes, very active little guys and some great colors to boot! Now im not much of a fountain and smoke guy but some of the stuff i seen from there was real cool, Zap Attack has some crazy crackle to it and last a long long time for a 200 gram fountain. Cracker Jack In The Box was a nice little guy also, I really liked how it shot out diffrent color spinners!

    Now for Lighting Bolt, They had some Ok things but nothing that WOW the heck out of me. One of their few nice cakes was the Brocades & Willow (LB-B5-27) Nice hard hitting shots some times a little to hard blowing and messing up the willow's. Galaxy Guest was another cool 500 Gram cake, I loved the Flying Saucer at the end! Another nice cake was Rocket Baradge, It had rows of rocket vollys flying out the cake, If you can find it buy it!

    We also got to see the full 2006 brothers line up in person, And again Brothers did a great job! I have to say their cd doesn't always show the cakes as good as they are in person. At 1st look I didn't like Brouhaha but after seeing it in person it was like WOW, If you like hummers (and what man doesn't) this is the cake for you! What I really liked was the fact this cake is packed 12/1 and should be a must have for almost any ones 4th! Now Glitter King was also a great cake, If you like tons of glitter then this is a cake for you! The crackling willows are bada*s! Fan tastic, One Perfect Thing, Labyrinth, AirBoss, SkyWriters, East To West are all a must buy for me next year, The bad part is I'm going to run out of space to shoot lol
    Now after seeing the 3" 9 shot cake again from brothers (we seen some in Mexico) I have to say hands down the KnockOut Brocade was the best! Those things just fly into the night sky and blow with huge force and come glittering down! Now as far as reloadables go, the Titan and Bite The Bullet looked great! Now I'm not a big fan of 5 and 6 break shells but String O' Pearl (Six 5-Breaks & Six 6-Breaks) where very very nice! You could see all the break and they wernt all washed out by each other, If your looking for some nice 5 & 6 Break shells I would said these are a must!

    Now I cant find my other Demo sheets as of right now but I can say this, United Pyro's New 3" 9 shot cakes are going to give brothers a good run for their money!!! We also got to see some new top secret rockets and cakes that their working on and I've got to say if they get the bugs worked out on this one cake.....oh man everyone's going to want it! The new Top secret rockets they are also working on look great! Once I get the ok from Tom @ United Pyro to say the names and effect I will post them! Now for those Fountain fans, United Pyro has this cool one called "bubble gum fountain" that looked real cool. I'm going to try and get some video up of that one for sure!

    Once I find my other demo sheets I will post on those also, Now of course a lot of you know I went on this trip with Tim @ Area 51 and man he's working on tons of new things for next season! We looked at some New 500 & 200 gram cakes that hes working adding to the alien and reapers doom line up! Along with some NEW saturn missles (I dont even like to call them saturns because these blow regular saturns away!) Now a few of the New for 06 Brothers things are on their way already to Area51 and should be in stock just after thanksgiving! So start saving up your $$ now so you can be there when the full 06 lines come into stock!

    Now to touch into my stuff, The next container that comes in will have a few full spools of my quick visco on it along with tons of other fuse!!!! I'm also working on getting another load of 12 cue wireless e-fire panels And a NEW 32 cue wireless unit!!! (unlike any other one out there!!) Along with a new 4 cue wireless unit. We are talking about also bringing in some wired units and will see what kind of response I get back on those.

    Now A lot of you have ask about fiberglass tubes and what not, I'm happy to say we have found a real nice fiberglass tube company to work with over in china. Now more having to worry about clay plugs and worrying about if their going to break or not. We have tested the sh*t out of these bad boys with excals being put upside down and they held up great!!! As of right now we plan on offer only a 14" version (seeing that's all that multibreak shells need), We will also be bringing in larger fiberglass tubes, like 2"-8" and maybe some 10"s and 12"s for those of you that put on shows.

    I will update this more later seeing I'm still trying to un burry my self from my fuse orders

    Thanks Again guys,

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    Default Re: My Trip To China

    Sounds great cant wait to get ahold of the new product.Possibly just in time for New Years..

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    Default Re: My Trip To China


    Thanks for the great update! Sounds like you had a blast in China. Can't wait to speak with you MORE!

    Hey Guys....listen to Bayarea on those Lightning Bolt Rocket Barrage Cakes. I picked up a case of these recently and they are BAD A$$! Like Bay said, if you can find them, GET THEM.

    Oh yeah, don't know if they have anymore instock or not, but I picked mine up at the Victory Warehouse last time I was up there. THey had JUST gotten those rocket barrages in stock.

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    Default Re: My Trip To China

    This definitely does not belong in Off-topic. Definitely under "Purchasing" and I think either Recommendations and Reviews or Activities.

    Bay, that Zap Attack sounds like Stinger from Glorious. The fountains have bees in them so the spray shoots off in all sorts of odd directions after it crackles.

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    Default Re: My Trip To China

    Very Cool! Thanks Bay for the Updates, look forward to all the upcoming product!
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    Default Re: My Trip To China

    Good to hear from ya G. -sounds like all went well...and that 06 will be a great one....keep in touch and let us know the scoop on what's to come
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    Default Re: My Trip To China

    Thanks for the great update. Looking forward to reading more when you get settled in.
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