Sorry for all the Wolverine-related threads this summer, that is how I've had most of my pyro fun lately!

This year Wolverine's 1.4G products are coming out of a different factory and items are a little different from last year. The demo videos that were uploaded previously were also shot in China, so they weren't totally representative of what showed up here anyway.

I've helped on a number of shows with them this summer that used a lot of 1.4G, so I clipped out the parts where a single item was firing (in multiples) so it can be viewed individually. I don't have every item because a few haven't been used in shows I've been at or every time it has been used other items have been going at the same time. The videos I do have are in the Wolverine section here:

A couple items overlapped but were too good not to post and it is easy to tell which is which: