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January 30th, 2006, 11:09 AM
I am filling out my paperwork for my type 54 permit. I am stumped on what to put in the part about storage. I am using contingency storage from kellner's and already have a letter stating they are my contigency storage. Now my question is do I leave the part where type of magazine, barricade-unbarricaded, etc is blank or do I contact kellner's to get all of the information to fill it in?

January 30th, 2006, 11:17 AM
You need to fill out Part J on the form only.

January 30th, 2006, 11:30 AM
And attach your contingency letter.

Make sure it is from them to you personally and signed by them. The blurb on the web page will not cut it.

Ok, someone asked, so I'll clarify my experience and comment above. I thought the Kellner's offer on the web would be adequate. In my case it was not. One of the problems the agent had with it, is that it was only for Kellner's product . He had other comments regarding the event cancellation/rainout and the "temporary" wording. He was worried that a "time" period would expire with Kellner's and I'd have nowhere else to store them.

When you have your interview they ask you what your plans are for using the fireworks. If you're shooting shows, that can be rescheduled, and are near Kellner's you may have better luck than me with Kellner's as contingency.

I had talked with my local field office about contingency before I even filled out the application. I followed their advice to find a better storage plan for my purposes. I kept Kellner's in my back pocket and contacted other Importers and wholesalers. I could not get Kellner's to send me the statement on the web on company letterhead (I applied end of Sept/'05, so maybe them just out of the office, no biggie). The local BATFE office said keep the Kellner's stuff and show it to the agent at the interview and see what he says. If he likes it, add it, if not, see what he wants it to be so he does like it.