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July 3rd, 2006, 11:32 PM
Well, the show turned out pretty good for having to change it up at the last minute! I finally got to see several new items, and conducted a test of 6 or 7 different inexpensive color shells.

First for the test. In all I had:
Boomer High Quality Artillery Shell
Beihai assorted artillery shells
New Century( Orion) assorted artillery
Megabanger Small Festival Balls
Orion Whistling Jake
Dragon brand black box artillery
All were purchased from Northeast Fireworks. ( he also has the Orion Ninja kit and the Dragon crackling green box shells, which i didn't get)

For comparison, I shot one of the Kellners Premium Artillery shells I like as a baseline. This was done to find a good finale companion shell(s) for the Premiums.

The Winners:
Boomer Artillery
Megabanger festival balls
Beihai Artillery
Kellner's Premium Artillery

Pretty good:
Whistling Blaster

black box
Orion Assorted

I was completely surprised by the Small Festival Balls. These are regular 1.75"ers, not 1.5's. $2 cheaper a box than any of the other retail options, and BETTER than most!!! Nice hard breaks, and pretty large, too for a cheapie. If you see em, buy em- they're a nice economical rack filler that doesn't require you to trade off quality. WILL buy again.

The Boomers were sportin a new box this year, and they were larger to boot. A nice improvement over an already great cheap color shell. Nicer tails, and bigger breaks! I give these the nod for the tails. Silver comets up to nice peony breaks.

The Beihai's were as good as ever, and have a nice snappy break. Very good shells.

The Premiums are still setting the bar for me. A, they are less than $30 a case, and B, they're assorted effect- they include a strobe shell and a real willow! Plus, they have nice hard breaks!

*NOTE* None of these shells are on a par with a top shelf artillery shell, like Total Exposure. I'm rating them against each other.

The Whistling Blasters were also a pleasant surprise. A decent whistle up to a pretty good break. I wasn't expecting a lot, as many of the whistling shells have sucked, but these are good. Worked nicely to add some noise to my finale.

The two I marked average were typical of the generic artillery shells we've all seen. It carries no negative connotations- black box shells are black box shells- they're not Excals or Rambos... The Orion brand ones may have been a trifle better.

Now for the show reviews!
There were several Stand outs this time:

Kellners Kiss the Sky- I saw this at the demo, but this time it was up close and personal! Same effect as Rules of Game- brocade mines to brocade breaks- but this cake is the hands down winner. Nicer, bigger mines, faster pace, louder breaks. VERY intense!!! Got raves from my crowd. Excellent brocades, too. I' ll give this one a 10.

Brothers Munitions Dump.- another one that looked nicer in person. I love this cake! Color peony breaks with glittering willow centers. These are not the typical charcoal streamers with color glitter tips, oh no-these were made of glittering comets! It's cheap, AND good!!!

Kellners Opening Day- WOW! comets with colored glitters up to hard, loud breaks of colored strobes! Kellners has nothing to be ashamed of with this new crop of 500g cakes! Shot this between 2 Glorious Waterfall cakes- made a very pretty combo!

Brothers Amped. Had high hopes for this one and it really delivered! Beautiful golden willows with colored tips alternate with fans of sizzling, glittering gold comets. Not crackling, just a neat sounding hiss/sizzle sound to them. Ends with 2 separate finale barrages of 4 shots each- one of colored willows, and one of crackle willows. Big breaks, too!

Kellners Off Roading-busy cake. color peonys, crackling willows, palm pistils, and a 4 shot waterfall ending. I give it high marks for variety, and visual appeal.

Glorious Gold Bombardment- Ended the finale with this. Like Jman says in his post, the spread on this is unreal- the side shots are angled way over, and are all big willows! Then it rapid fires shots of color stars w/fish in a v pattern ( very pretty by the way!), and ends in a couple waves of crackling flowers. Glorious continues to come out with some very unique pieces!

Last but not Least-Glorious Tropical Typhoon- I already reviewed this one, but it is still great!! Amazingly round breaks.

I did fire Glorious Tropical Storm as well. This was good, but not great. Starts out rapid firing gold willow/crown?? breaks ( med sized) then ends with 2 separate vollies of color stars and falling leaves. My favorite was the yellow green combo. EXCELLENT colors! I just wish the whole cake was like this! Reminds me of Golden Crown- the beginning is mediochre, but the ending is WOW! Of the three cakes in the GL Power 4 asst, the Assault Troops is by far my favorite, with this as my second.

For 200g cakes,

Boomer Chili Pepper and Jaw Breaker. CP has nice and loud red or green palms. Big, noisy breaks. Jaw breaker is still my favorite- love that lemon yellow color, and the color to crackle. Yellow and blue, and yellow and red are two of my favorite color combos.

Boomer The Stick. Ths is one of the 06 relabelled assorted 16 shotters. Gold tails up to hard, loud, big RWand B mixed color breaks. Excellent colors!

Brothers Killer Heat- nuff said, still a favorite!

All Stars Scarlett in Lace- Still a WOW cake to me. silver glittering comet with red glitters in them up to a golden wave to red glitter break . VERY pretty! Nice loud breaks, too!

My finale. I made another super cake- this time, using:
4x Space Fantasy
4x Super Stallion
2x 25s Battle of Colors
2x Lightening and Thundering
2x Beyond the Century- unlike the label says, this one is NOT all blue!
All were duct taped together into 3 rows, and then the rows were taped together. I'll have to remember this combo, as it looked awesome! Was just as intense as any smaller 2.5 or 3" shell finale!

July 3rd, 2006, 11:38 PM
Another prop for the Megabanger festival or "happy" balls.

Are we talking about the same cake? Mine was very small, probably 5 inches on each side of the square.

July 4th, 2006, 01:15 PM
I'm talking about the 6 pc shell kit Small Festival Balls from Megabanger.