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July 30th, 2009, 03:10 PM
Easy Match Pipe with Xmas paper and 2 sided tape

I've been eagerly reading the fusing section. Especially the posts about homemade fusing like sticky match and match pipe. I've never used sticky before but I'm pretty familiar with paper match pipe. I read with interest all the different methods folks are using. I was pretty impressed with a couple of different machines for manufacturing sticky match, well done. However the homemade match pipe methods I've seen here sounded cumbersome at best. So I've been thinking of ways to make it a little easier for people like me, with only two hands. I had two ideas and tried them both, the first idea was 2-sided tape and the second was a glue stick. I tried the glue stick first. I went to the hall closet and grabbed a roll of Xmas wrapping paper, took it to the cutting board and cut off a 2 inch wide by 3 feet long strip with a razor knife and a straight edge. Then folded the strip in half the long way to form a crease in the paper. Then I took out the glue stick and applied a nice layer of glue to one side of the paper along the crease. I then applied BP to the strip of glue down one side of the paper and used my finger to even it out then poured the extra into a paper plate. I folded the strip in half along the crease and taped it shut with masking tape, closed one end and added a 3 or 4 inch piece of scrap green visco to the other end and taped it in place. Before I go any further I want to say I wasn't very pleased with the adherence of the BP to the glue stick adhesive, but I continued. I then took the completed semi flat tube and taped it to a scrap piece of pine strapping. Then right along the edge of the tape holding it to the wood I made six small holes spaced down the length of the tube with an ice pick and inserted six stubs of the same scrap green visco and taped them down to the wood. With this done I took it outside and fired it off. It was pretty energetic and inflated like a balloon as it successfully lit all six pieces of fuse instantly. Pleased with that success I moved on to the 2 sided tape. I proceeded to repeat what I did the first time exactly except I replaced the glue stick with a strip of Scotch brand 1/2 inch wide Double Sided tape. The adherence of the BP to the 2-sided tape was a lot better this time. I completed the tube the same as before and when I fired it off it worked with the same result, all six fuses were lit instantly. While the glue stick worked, I didn't like it and I will not try it again unless I have to, but the Double Sided Tape was terrific and simple. The tubes I made were both 3 feet long but with a longer work surface one could easily make much longer pieces without extra hands or help from someone else. I will definitely do this again, and try it with live pieces. It was real easy to apply it to the wood strip with masking tape right along the edge where it was taped closed then it was just as easy to insert the fuses just above the edge of the tape. I pushed the fuses all the way into the tube until they just touched the crease on the opposite side inside the tube. Also it doesn't take much BP, less would have worked fine so I won't put so much effort into making the BP distribution perfectly even, just as long as there are no gaps would be fine. I'll take pictures the next time and if anyone is interested I'll post them. Just think, all those rolls of Xmas paper, finally good for something.

July 30th, 2009, 06:28 PM
I've thought about the double sided tape for a while. Glad to see it works. The Christmas wrapping is a new twist, and who doesn't have a million feet of that laying around. Good job!:)