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July 6th, 2009, 01:20 PM
“Better than Macy’s!”, “Is your last name Grucci?” , “Did you study at a terrorist training camp or something?” and my favorite, “Is this what you do as your job or something?” were all comments I heard after the show I put on for July 4th. After a year of searching and reading old posts, watching product videos, learning techniques and getting a wireless firing system, I finally put on something worthy of being called a fireworks show. Over 120 people attended, most of whom know me personally or at least know who I am so needless to say, I was nervous until the end of the clean up afterwards. I put together 3 boards of 42 cakes, 3 30-shot mortar racks, 1 6-shot mortar rack and 2 last minute roman candle racks, one with a green white and gold theme (Irish tri-color) and the other with just a mix of about 3 dozen small candles and some large.

The first board started with Firehawk’s Ludicrous, which starts out as a fountain, quickly moves to mines then some “ok” aerial shots. This was quickly followed by a row of Crazy Exciting mixed with Bright Nights, which played nicely together. Followed that up with Bling Bling and Black Thunder. These were then topped off with 1 The Chronic, 1 One Bad Mother In Law and 1 The Arsenal. As this board got close to the 500 gram cakes, people were yelling, asking if that was the finale! I said no, just getting started! The board ended to a thunderous applause and a chant of “we want more, we want more.” Next up was another board, packed a little tighter and again started with the 200 grams. This time, it was KA-25 Aerial barrage mixed with bright nights, black thunder and topped with 4 500 gram cakes, OBMIL, The Arsenal and 2 LIGHTNING. This put the crowd into a trance. Surely, this must be the finale, they thought… but no. The candle racks were ok but the tri-color using some Phantom Strobing Comet candles was easily identified and appreciated by a mostly Irish crowd. The candle segment brought a please calm on the crowd as it winded down.

Now, the finale did not go as planned due to a last minute error on my part as to which parts got which cues but I made it work none the less. It should have started out as the slower of the three mortar racks, the next up was a quick fused board of cakes, including 2 300 shot SM’s, the idea here being a slow start, then the noise begins to pick up then two racks would shoot off in the last 22 seconds but alas, no. It started with the board, which I then quickly started the slow rack. Those Excals sounded so beautiful as they took off and went higher than any other thing lit that night and then the breaks, all grouped with similar effects. 15 shots in, I started the other two racks and now the finale was in play. Each set of breaks, parting from each other just far enough to cover the sky before your eyes. Faces lit up with the colored glitter of the fireworks and their smiles. The last Excal’s went off as a few SM’s were still heard going off, ending their finale about 10 seconds late. I rushed away from my spot near the crowd, where I had been standing just inside the taped off area, so I could contain the shoot area, check for duds and the like when people started chanting my name, one then screamed out, “Take a bow!”
I couldn’t help myself so I turned and bowed as If I had just performed on Broadway. What a high!

Surveying the area, I had a total of three excels not take fire, one bright nights and one of the 300 shot SM’s didn’t fire either, all appeared to be due to my poor fusing. I also noticed that 3 out of 6 of the Bling Bling cakes had all of their larger shots still intact. Thanks to a few good volunteers, all was checked carefully, doused in large buckets of water and cleared up before the kids could come by to scavenge. The show may not have gone perfect as it was planned in my head but even I was impressed and only I knew it all didn’t go as planned.

My thanks to everyone here who has contributed something at one time or another to this forum From the use of Gorilla Duct Tape (my thumb is still feeling that stuff) to the push someone gave me to go ahead and try e-firing. My thanks to all the pictures of racks being built, even though I stuck with the basic angled rack design. My thanks to all those that took the time to make a video of a single product that helped me design my show from the ground up. My thanks to the suppliers who advertise here and give Pyro U members a break on pricing as well as make ordering so much easier for us. My thanks to Eric and Trevor from Pyro Boom for their great service, which helped put my faith back in the vendors here at Pyro U.

July 6th, 2009, 10:36 PM
This may sound odd, but "thanks for learning". It feels really nice to be a part of a community that helps folks get better at doing something. Glad everything worked out for you.

July 7th, 2009, 08:12 AM
Well, someone managed to get some video of the end of the show. Not the best and you can't see the higher excals but you get the idea. You can hear at the end where they just started to chant my name.

July 8th, 2009, 04:30 PM
Glad your having a good learning thing here, as I have also. There's so much more to come.
I was able to show my appreciation by buying Products from here (Cloin). Others might have made a donation to "PU". But we all wear our flame proudly. Maybe you can too.