View Full Version : Southern transplant checking in

June 25th, 2008, 10:53 PM
Hey there -

Been a pyro for a while but only got serious about my shows last couple of years. Moved from Illinois (good fireworks banned) to South Carolina (good fireworks encouraged) so needless to say I am having lots of fun. Just finished building my first couple of 20 shot racks and a few cake boards. Next year I think I'll graduate to building my own firing board (just using cheap Phantom wireless shooter with 25 q's for now...) If I'm still married in 5 years it will be a miracle.

Gotta say I love the site, been up late reading forum after forum and have gotten a heck of a lot of great ideas I'll be incorporating into my show this year.

Also, got to give a shout out to Poor Paul's fireworks in Cowpens and Spartanburg, those guys are the best at service and pricing. I live just across the NC border so all the fireworks places around here have jacked up prices. Paul's is an hour and a half drive but well worth it.

Safe shooting, guys!