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Hearts of Iron 4 is primarily a global war game. At one point, you could micro-manage a forceps attack on Moscow, control one division simultaneously, and then zoom in on the camera to surround the entire hemisphere during setup and make an attack along a battle line through Africa.

Although you will spend most of your time ordering and reallocating fleets, you must always focus on the resources, industry, and technologies that allow you to keep the war going.

The joy of hearts made of iron


The fun of this game is to compromise at a high level between the army you have,the command you want, and the military you can produce. If you do your job well and your army has some essential advantages in combat and the weaknesses that you can expect and compensate for. If you do it poorly, the device will gradually wear out when the replacement device runs dry and pass this advantage on to another enemy.

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It is more difficult when the war is at its peak, enemy bombers attack your industries, and equipment sales go far beyond production. But then Hearts of Iron 4 was the most interesting. An excellent attack to surround and destroy 12 enemy divisions is not only a superb exercise but also the destruction of months of production and training. Unleash your new tank after the long-awaited upgrade to enemies and be happy to see your armored units’ increased power.

Is AI a problem to consider?

Hoi4 review

With AI problems, you often feel alone, which can make it difficult to counter the overwhelming power of certain opponents. France had so many early punishments that building an army that could conquer the Germans in 1939 was almost hopeless, which would be fine except that the British could or could not show war.

It was the imperfect Albion in Hearts of Iron compared to the forgetful Albion (unfortunately forgotten to station Gibraltar again!). That made it difficult to fight the Germans in Europe.

If you are finding more details of Hearts of Iron, it’s no surprise that the seams and tears are visible in the simulation. It is expected from a game that allows players to redesign and recreate World War II with god-like control over the diplomacy, politics, and military strategy of the era.

AI may not always be reasonable and combative, may not still seem historically correct. After that, you may play a version of World War II that is separated from Italy. Germany is creating a new Roman Empire, with Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union getting into a civil war, and Stalin was deposed in 1942.


If all of these above things sound interesting and great, you may feel addicted to its construction. It makes for a fantastic variety in the limitations of the entire script. That also means that Hearts of Iron 4 is a game that doesn’t have many apparent differences between factions, but it has different ideologies. Hearts of Iron 4 does not address the nature of war regimes unless they affect war efforts in general.

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