Hearts of Iron 4 comes with an expanded major patch

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Some interesting functions

Hearts of Iron 4, Luo Resistance, was announced today at PDXCon, Paradox Interactive’s annual fan meeting. The expansion was themed after French resistance at home to the Nazis continued and focused on espionage and asymmetrical warfare. Plus, the developer diaries for the La Résistance expansion pack and patch are updated every day.

The banner function is the Smart Agency, which players can customize with their names and logos before investing in the partner, who offers various rewards and unlocks top secret promotions. If you’re not interested in playing the game of darkness, you can easily set up your agency to fight enemy spies and focus on more general warfare. And when you want to spend more time with the resources, you can get extensive information about enemies, get combat bonuses, and even start pioneering attacks.

Customizing users interfaces

However, the improvements from the first significant patch of hoi4 developer diary, which is mostly incremental, focus on balancing and customizing user interfaces and AI. Since Paradox won’t do this, the player’s suggestions have been reviewed. The peace conference was modified with the kind permission of Steam Neutrino users.

Custom difficulty levels have been implemented to help players tinker with the relative power of Nazi Germany, Italy, France, and the Soviet Union. Besides, more countries can be released than independent states, and sea combat has been balanced to keep players away from light cruisers.

AI and character system

AIs tend to update models, build nuclear reactors, and shut down unnecessary production. However, it is less likely that there is a risk of being surrounded, opting for Communist France, or throwing everyone stuff into North Africa. Hotjoin is currently also available for multiplayer games so that players can take part in ongoing competitions.

The AI ​​system has been actively developed for players who do not feel that they are playing with a machine but playing against real people.

Sign systems are also operators that increase over time. Your character is not only safe, but can also be captured, injured, or killed. When your characters are arrested, they can be created to pass information about your site to the enemy slowly. So the smartest thing is to provide them with a suicide pill for such a situation.

Mission in Operations

All activities require at least one agent, and some require more than one agent (in fact, some potent agents require more than you may be a non-Spymaster user, which is why their access is restricted). They all also need a network level that was created in preparation.

All activities must be prepared before they can start. These are typically device manufacturing, agent, or industrial costs over time. We use the latter as an abstract representation of an economy that channels bribes, creates or creates counterfeit money, etc., where military equipment makes no sense. You can also set the action to only start when it’s done, when you don’t care about the time or when you want it to repeat.


For full details on the Sunflower 1.2 patch, the operation patch or other patches in hoi4 developer diary, including maintaining links to 1.1, you can find https://cheatland.net/hoi4/. Along the same lines, you’ll also find the latest Hearts of Iron 4 developer diaries.

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