Top 08 e-Commerce trends in 2018

E-commerce in 2018 will face enormous transformations. Retail ecommerce sales worldwide will continue to post solid gains in 2017, rising 23.2% to $2.290 trillion. This year, for the first time, ecommerce sales will account for one-tenth of total retail sales worldwide.

With many new markets such as: Southeast Asia, Middle East and Latin America, they will take a long stride and together with new technologies. This could lead to a major shift in the way merchants trade via the internet.

So in which points should Small or Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) pay attention to, and what trends can help them increase their selling in 2018? Let’s take a look our list of top 08 “notable points” this year for e-Commercial.

1. Customer experience and Personalization:

The transformation of the custome...

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Top 10 best eCommerce Websites

E-Commerce website is an online sales channel that is extremely useful in the world of digital technology nowadays. Whenever customers having a desire to buy goods or services there is a need to buy goods or services, they wont have to travel a long distance but still able to get them in a quick and effective way.

Talking about the major e-commerce sites in the world, right now there are a lot of e-commerce websites are operating. So who all are the biggest ecommerce players in the world? Let’s have a look at the top 10 ecommerce websites in the world.

1. Amazon:

Amazon was started in 1995 as online store for books but very sooner, they expanded to all other trendy products like DVD, electronics and other ones...

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E-Commerce world market has entered the honeymoon period.

Nowadays more and more customers have been losing interest in shopping at traditional stores (or market) due to many reasons such as: distance, cash payment, parking fee, etc. andthat’s why e-commerce market has been taking this opportunity to step into the market and been developing rapidly.

According to a report in 2016, there are 1.61 billion people across the globe prefer online purchasing. It is expected that online retail sales worldwide will increase from $ 1.9 billion in 2016 to $ 4.060 billion by 2020.

1. From growing up rapidly:

Recent studies show that consumers around the world are changing their shopping habits by spending more time and money on online shopping. According to the Consumer Conditions Scoreboard, the online shopping rate in the European Union (EU) has doubled...

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